Parents and professional caregivers may have difficulties reading and understanding the non-verbal behavior of people with visual and severe/profound intellectual disabilities. Due to the limited use of symbolism in the child's/client's communication and the lack of eye contact, parents/caregivers and their child/client may have difficulties establishing whether they hold each others attention.


Even though the child's/client's expression of emotions may be inhibited, his/her autonomic nervous system is activated. The bioresponse system uses modern technology to measure this activation of the autonomic nervous system. This system vizualises this activation and thereby provides parents/caregivers with additional information on the child's/client's experienced stress levels. This additional information may support parents/caregivers in better recognizing and understanding of the communicative signals of their child/client.


The bioresponse system consists of the Flower app and a ‘smart sock’. The ‘smart sock’ measures skin conductance, which indirectly measures the amount of stress one experiences. The app visualizes the skin conductance and thus the experienced stress.

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